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Books of Short Stories
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Hatton Enterprises is composed of different businesses based upon the interests and talents of the creators, David and Ilene Hatton. Treasurers of Knowledge is a result of the many years of study and experience in the field of human nutrition.

Nutritionaly speaking, we are starving. In a world of white sugar and white flour and fast food, we do not recieve the nutrition we need for healthy growth and healthy life style. "Mt Capra products" offer a soultuion to your protein and digestive assistance problems.

David Hatton Books is made up of the published works of David Hatton. His lifelong study of statesmanship, government, economics and religion are the basis of his writings.

"Sneak Attack" is a compilation of short stories written with humor, nostalgia, and philosophy. What parents might call a prank or trickery were to us kids nothing more than weapons essential for the survival of childhood. The philosophy of Kant is mixed with my father's view of discipline and a teenage version of civil disobedience. Practical information on how to pick a watermelon and how to recognize when you are the victim of feminine conspiracy will be invaluable, how to tell when you are the victim of your sibling's jokes, especially when he wants you to go hunting snipes. It helps to be "innocent" when negotiating with suspicious parents, cops, and teachers. Excellent read when you have five minutes for a two to four page story and are in the mood to tickle your funny bone.

In today's world two great world views dominate society. One is creationism the other evolution, Darwin and Christianity, human rights and natural rights. "Forever Learning" written in novel form about two school teachers, man and wife, shows the failure of our school system, the devastating effects of the sensitivity program on children, the two purposes of education, the cause of high school violence, bullying of students and teachers, the difference between a compulsory public education and a truly free education, and religion and the secular state.

Angstrom Minerals are the most absorbable single minerals on earth. So many people do not eat vegetables any more. We raise our own garden for higher quality vegetables, however every one seems to be lacking minerals no matter how good of food they eat. Magnesium is one of those minerals you need every day. It is not fould in processed foods. Magnesium can only be found in vegetables. We endorse angstrom minerals because they sell the best single minerals. Multiminerals are just a lie. You cannot use all of the minerals at once and do not need all at once either. You will be taken to the Angstrom Sized Minerals web site where can buy the best minerals on earth.

Boonsborough Crafts is an overflow of the creative talents of
David and Ilene Hatton.

Treasures of Knowledge are herbs and other natural health products.

The three combined are to please the eye, gladden the heart, improve the health, teach principles of freedom and morality, and to have fun!
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